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NAVTEQ is a supplier of maps, traffic and digital location content for navigation and related products. Their main field is in automotive navigation systems but they also work in mobile devices, Internet map apps and supplying both government and businesses.

Every major car manufacturer in USA that has a digital navigation system uses NAVTEQ.

NAVTEQ maps can be used for finding houses, restaurants and businesses. (Download latest update with coupon here.)

Having a NAVTEQ in your car will mean no longer being stuck in traffic jams, as the system will show you where the problem is and suggest an alternative route and get you to your destination quicker with less stress.

NAVTEQ already offers digital maps for eighty three countries and covers six continents, and they intend to extend this reach even further.

NAVTEQ navigation does not stop with simple maps, but also gives road signs, like “no left turn”, shows one way streets, and many other road attributes, (height restrictions etc), and also gives useful places such as hospitals and gas stations. Many emergency services rely on  NAVTEQ to supply the best way to get to the nearest hospital.

The site is very interactive and lets you play with the NAVTEQ system so you know how it works and what it offers.

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Navteq: What makes it different?

While all GPS and SatNav instruments do have their glitches, (they may suggest you turn into a field or take a left turn in the middle of a bridge), the NAVTEQ system appears to be more accurate than most. Customers who have tried most types of navigation instruments say, “The NavTeq maps aren’t perfect, but in my experience the alternate is much, much worse.”

The main difference between NAVTEQ and other rival mapping systems seems to be that at least you will be going in the right direction. This may seem to be an obvious statement, but many people who have tried other systems, will have found themselves being sent in the wrong direction, only to have to retrace their journey to get to the original destination.

The NAVTEQ is constantly updated and they listen to customers who supply information, as well as having their own technicians traveling the roads to update their service.

Some navigation systems only offer specific directions and turns for getting to your destination, but NAVTEQ also has maps to let you see where you are, how far away in both time and distance you are from your final destination.

The NAVTEQ  automotive navigation systems does not only use GPS, but also onboard speed sensor, gyroscope and a Global Positioning System sensor so the computer can tell exactly where you are. The speed sensor and gyroscope can tell where you are even if tall buildings are blocking a satellite signal, so NAVTEQ  will continue to work where some competitors will not.

If you take a wrong turn, NAVTEQ will look for a way to get you to your destination from where you are, without making you turn back the way many competitors do.

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Navteq vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Navteq)


NAVTEQ "discover cities" is for pedestrians and not only tells you how to get to a restaurant or what exciting places you can visit in that city – it also gives you local public transport schedules.

Finding competitors to NAVTEQ is not easy, however below are two sites that are considered competitors.

Memory Map

Memory Map appears to be a company selling a similar product to NAVTEQ, but looking at the site this is not immediately obvious. At first glance this site appears to sell hand held devices, but on closer inspection this does not look to be the case. They offer advice on which device suits each purpose, but even then this is not very useful. They say, “Many units have no map display”, but there is no mention of which units.

Trying to purchase a route finder navigation map brought up a notepad, smart phone, pub guide and other non-related bits and pieces but no satnav map.

Exploring Europe there are only three countries, France, Belgium and Holland.

Expert GPS

This site looks more like an internal memo than a site for public consumption. There is a lot of technical data, but it is difficult to find a map compatible with a specific device, and when you do find it, there is no price or buy button – just information about what each map shows.

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Navteq: Pricing & packages

As NAVTEQ only works as part of a device and is often per-installed, it is not easy to give an idea of price.

nüMaps Lifetime

nüMaps Lifetime is a 1-time purchase that lets you download the most up-to-date map information on streets, highways and points of interest as soon as new content is available — for the lifetime¹ of your Garmin device. Using this, you can update 4 times a year.

£74.99 ($

City Navigator® North America NT for Garmin nivi 1300T £44.99 ($

City Navigator® Europe NT – U.K. & Ireland £33.99 ($

Most of these are available as a download, microSD™/SD™ card or DVD and all versions cost the same price.

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Navteq: Product images & screenshots
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Navteq: Customer reviews & comments

As NAVTEQ is a software product that only works along side another product such as a an onboard navigation system, reviews of this product are difficult to find. Customers tent to talk about the machine that gives the results, rather than the software itself.

On the other hand, NAVTEQ employees have talked freely about working for this company:

“For almost every position there are multiple opportunities for travel. Also, the opportunities for advancement are fairly good. Promotions happen regularly and they like to promote from within.”

“Good quality work (mathematical stuff), supportive peers, good work life balance, good work culture.”

“Excellent opportunities for growth. An extremely flexible work environment. The vast majority of colleagues are hard working, dedicated and respectful.”

An independent opinion of NAVTEQ

“Navteq isn't the only company collecting and sending out traffic information, but it is the only one that also creates the digital street maps used in navigation devices.“

Olympus, camera manufacturers, are adding NAVTEQ to their Olympus TOUGH TG-810 because,

““We selected NAVTEQ for its superior map accuracy and extensive global coverage.”

Customer reviews:

“The Navteq 885 sat nav is first class.”

“Great system, offers you the best of German engineering. Accurate, high performance, and it has all kinds of extras such as movie player (plays all types of movie files), photo viewer, ebook and so much more.”

“This new Navteq 885 from a German company is putting all the big brands to shame. Navteq have built this from scratch, new design, new technology (by the way they are the people behind much of the technology inside other GPS systems). Using the Navteq 885 is child's play, it really is so simple, adding poi couldn't be simpler.”

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Brilliant and informative review!

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Janice Portante — 60 months ago
1.0 Star Rating: Not Recommended
“Navteq map supposed updates are NOT current! ”

They are selling old maps as updates. I paid $149 for one. When I called to complain, the customer service guy said the maps were from April, 2011--18 months old. That's not what new or current (as stated in their ads) means. I suspect they are even older than that. Beware!

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Get Free Shipping When You Update your Jaguar in Dash Navigation System @ Navteq
Get Free Shipping on Update of Land Rover in Dash Navigation System @ Navteq
Get Free Shipping When You Update your Chrysler in Dash Navigation System @ Navteq
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